Ride Like a Lady: Women and Families on Bikes Webinar, April 11th

So there’s a big push to get girls on bikes. I cannot say that’s true in my household, since my husband is less keen on two wheeled man-powered travel than I. However this did get me thinking, why aren’t my fellow ladies hopping on bikes – it’s really the best way to show off cute skirts, dresses and shoes. When I’m sitting in a car no one can see how adorable I am.

Another push is to get more moms and kids on bikes. I’m not a mom, but if that day ever comes I’m getting on of these dutch beauties:


This isn’t going to turn into some preachy rant about why women need to bike more, don’t worry. What I will do is invite you to a webinar on the subject put on the BikeLeague.org.

“Getting More Moms and Families On Bikes”

April 11th – 3:00 pm to 4:15 (Eastern Daylight Time)

They’ve also hosted two other webinars and the recording are available here.

What do you think will help get more women and families biking?




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